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Samsung Electronics to tighten grip on management
By Lee Jin-myung
2014.07.06 17:46:30 | 2014.07.06 18:39:20

[Samsung Electronics to tighten grip on management] 기사의 본문 이미지

Samsung Electronics is tightening its grip on management in a bid to surmount yet another crisis after a series of earnings forecast for the second quarter is announced.

In a message sent to employees and executives earlier this month, Samsung Electronics vice president Kwon Oh-hyun and Co-CEO Yoon Boo-keun and Shin Jong-kyun noted, “growth of our major products including smartphones and TVs are decelerating. Now is time to embrace mach management which calls for overhauling what we’ve been and working in different manners. Then we’ll be able to break through difficulties facing us,” according to sources in the industry Sunday.

Samsung should seek its growth engine from the unchartered business including wearable devices, IoT-related products, B2B and medical equipment, they stressed.

Samsung again proclaims it is in ‘crisis’ because a prevailing view is that the prospect for its second quarter earnings would be bleak. As early as this year, most brokerages expected Samsung’s operating profit for the second quarter to exceed nine trillion won ($8.9 billion). However, they now predict the figure would be far below eight trillion won.

Crisis facing Samsung is not just confined to Samsung itself. It affects Samsung affiliates including Samsung SDI, Samsung Elctro-mechanics, Samsung Display, resulting in hardship of other partners at home and abroad. Moreover, it is taking a heavy blow to domestic employment, investment and stock market.

The failure to seek next breakthroughs in the third quarter would prolong Samsung’s lackluster performances, Samsung Electronics concerned. This explains why it props up efforts for crisis management.

Market observers attribute weak earnings for the second quarter to sluggish sales of the ‘Galaxy S5.’ However, within Samsung Electronics, competition among global rivals, other nations’ regulations against Samsung and lack of growth engine are blamed for disappointing results.

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Korean View
삼성전자 이익 8조 깨져…위기경영 고삐
7조원대 추락 전망…8분기만에 최악의 상황
경영진 "모두 바꿔 한계돌파·신산업 키운다"

◆ 삼성전자 위기경영 ◆

`어닝쇼크` 수준의 2분기 실적 전망이 잇달아 발표되면서 삼성전자가 다시 한계 돌파를 위한 위기 경영 고삐를 바짝 죄기 시작했다.

6일 업계에 따르면 권오현 삼성전자 대표이사 부회장과 윤부근ㆍ신종균 대표이사 사장은 이달 초 전 임직원들에게 보내는 메시지를 통해 "스마트폰과 TV 등 주력 제품들의 성장률이 둔화되고 있다"며 "모든 것을 바꾸고 새로운 방식으로 일하는 마하 경영으로 현재의 한계를 돌파하자"고 당부했다.

그러면서 웨어러블 기기, 사물인터넷(IoT) 관련 제품과 B2B, 의료기 등 새로운 ..

경제용어사전 프린트 이메일 전송 리스트

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