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S. Korea to toughen monitoring on foreign capital flow
2012.12.03 18:30:10 | 2012.12.04 09:07:13

[S. Korea to toughen monitoring on foreign capital flow] 기사의 본문 이미지

The South Korean government and financial regulators unveiled measures to toughen their monitoring on foreign funds flowing in or out of Korea.

The nation’s Ministry of Strategy & Finance (MOSF) and Bank of Korea (BOK) announced Monday that they plans to revise the current regulations on foreign capital trading to require local financial institutions to offer a detailed breakdown of foreign capital flows by asset classes such as stocks, bonds and derivatives. The new regulation is scheduled to take effect starting on April 1 next year. With the new regulation in place, the government can keep better track of foreign fund flows and thus easily secure information on foreigners’ money depositing into and withdrawing from the combined investment accounts by financial product type.

As a daily change of money volume in investment accounts held by foreigners is the only information local financial institutions are required to provide to the financial authorities on foreign capital movements, they have difficulties in tracking to which product the money goes. In addition, under the current system, after foreign investors offload local bonds and stocks, the authorities cannot even figure out how much of their money staying in or flowing out of the domestic market. In other words, movements of the combined foreign fund volume is the only information the local authorities can gather under the current regulations, with no idea on whether the funds flowing out of or staying in the local market.

The existing system has made the authorities’ analysis and prediction of foreign investors’ investment pattern difficult. By getting information on foreign capital flow by respective financial products, the authorities will be able to more closely monitor the future impact of the foreign capital would have on the local financial market and take preemptive actions against the potential adverse effects, the central bank and the finance ministry said.

[Written by Hyun-gyu Shin - Jieun Lee/ edited by Soyoung Chung]

[ⓒ Maeil Business Newspaper &, All rights reserved]

Korean View
외국인 투자자금에 꼬리표 단다
주식·채권·파생상품 나눠 보고…내년 4월부터

외국인이 주식, 채권, 파생상품 중 어디에 투자하는지 정부와 통화당국이 감시(모니터링) 체계를 강화한다.

기획재정부와 한은은 3일 현행 외국환 거래 규정을 개정해 금융회사들이 외국인 증권투자자금 유출입을 보고할 때 주식, 채권, 파생상품 등 투자상품별로 구분하도록 할 방침이라고 밝혔다. 시행 시기는 내년 4월 1일이다. 외국인 자금이 외환시장을 거쳐 국내에 들어와 어떤 금융상품에 투자되는지 추적하는 `꼬리표`가 생기는 셈이다.

그동안 외국인 투자자금 유출입에는 이런 표식이 없었다. 외국인들은 한국 주식, 채권 등 금융상품에 투자하려면 은행, ..

경제용어사전 프린트 이메일 전송 리스트

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