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Korea Investment Management selected as co-lead manager for S. Korea’s investment pool for public funds
2012.12.28 16:24:59
South Korea’s investment pool for public funds totaling 11.60 trillion won ($10.82 billion) will pick Korea Investment Management (KIM) as a co-lead manager.

[Korea Investment Management selected as co-lead manager for S. Korea’s investment pool for public funds] 기사의 본문 이미지

The latest appointment came after the Korean government decided to put its investment pool under the management of multiple managers in November this year, instead of entrusting the management to a sole company. As a result, KIM will be responsible for running the investment pool for the next four years. The management contract with the current sole manager, Samsung Asset Management (SAM), is due to end in December 2013.

The change in the management system of the asset pool was decided at an operation committee for the public investment pool held by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance (MOSF) Friday. Based on the decision, KIM will supplement its structure, system and personnel and begin the operation of the pooled funds in the first half (H1) of 2013. A total of 55 public funds in the investment pool have the option to choose their lead manager between KIM and SAM.

The investment pool for public funds was set up by collecting capital available for investment from funds that do not have professional, in-house divisions for management and designating a company for co-management of the pooled funds. Since the pool was established in 2001, SAM has been the sole manager for the last 12 years. Gaining the right for its co-management, therefore, offers an opportunity for a fund manager to boost its credibility, as the co-manager is in charge of operating investments from 55 funds. “The investment pool for public funds has increased seven trillion won in size over the last two years, and thus its management needs to be strengthened to better serve the investors,” said the MOSF.

[Written by Hyun-kyu Shin - Sun-ah Kim / edited by Soyoung Chung]

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